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Why is Solbot Int’l Fashion School  the best?


The school was created out of necessity. While still in technical college, (OgunStatepoly) the
 need to get a new dress in-  order to attend a friend’s party arises, it took several days going from 
shop to shop looking for something unique. In her mind, she knew what she wanted but the 
shops don’t have. She decided to learn sewing so that she can make her own dress in future. It 
was this decision and by attending a fashion centre that ignite the passion in her.
 Before she finished school, she’d already earning a lot of money as well as having numerous
 customers. In the need to satisfy her customers, she decided to take her first apprentice, few 
weeks later the second apprentice was hired. Many parents brought their children to come and 
learn her techniques this was when Solbot fashion school was born. 
She later decided to further her fashion career hence her moving to London United Kingdom. In
 UK,she worked with many fashion houses as an apprentice as well as attend fashion school.
 After learning many aspect of fashion and the industry, she decided re-awaken Solbot International fashion 

We offer training on all aspect of fashion as well as beauty treatment, hair dressing training as well as body massage. We liaise with different sectors, local, state and federal government to see if fund can be made available to help any student who is qualified for such funds

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